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At the Law Office of Vernon C. Tucker, we love being mediators. Bringing people together to leave their grudges behind and agree gives us a sense of pride. The approach we use in mediation shows our competence and passion for our profession and our love and respect for our clients.

We help you move on from any dispute by making the right decision and reaching an agreement. Whether in litigation or not, the goal is to resolve the dispute so you can move on with your life. Our law firm offers the most effective mediation at the best rate you can find in Northridge or Simi Valley, California.

Our law firm is committed to providing only the best services to our clients in the most comfortable environment. You don’t have to worry about the type or size of your dispute. Our law firm has you covered and protected. We will assist you with all the necessary administration you need. Your time in our office won’t go to waste; you can explain the problem while we give legal advice and mediate for you.

The Law office of Vernon C. Tucker allows both parties to participate and control the resolutions with our help.

Also, we offer a free ten-minute consultation that helps you decide the next step to take. Call us now, and we will help you settle any dispute.

Whether with your family members, friends, or business partner, we will provide all the legal advice you need to agree.

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